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First Time Clients


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Recieve $10.00 Off

The First Treatment Session of

 60 Minutes or Longer 


Swedish Massage

$65 per hour

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress levels in the body, enhanced mental clarity, improved appearance, and greater flexibility.


Deep Tissue Massage

$65 per Hour

Deep Tissue Massage is a form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. Deep Tissue Massage is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don't get too uncomfortable. Keep in mind that soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and that plenty of water should be ingested to aid with the flushing and removal of toxins that will have been released from the deep tissue during the session.

Indian Head Massage

$45 per 45 Minutes


Indian head massage (or "Champi" in Hindi) is a practice that originated over a thousand years ago in India, where it stemmed from a tradition of family grooming. Indian mothers used to massage their daughters' hair with different oils to encourage long, lustrous locks.


• Increases oxygen and glucose supply to the brain;
• Improves circulation of cerebrospinal fluid;
• Dissipates accumulated toxins in the head;
• Increases the brain's pranic energy level;
• Helps reduce hair loss, premature balding and greying;
• Growth and luster of hair is improved;
• Massage of the temples, eyebrows and forehead improves eyesight and concentration;
• Good for the sinuses;
• Helps in the development of a six- to nine-month-old baby's eyesight and brain.

The therapist will strive to restore balance and harmony by working on the three higher chakras with hands on techniques and essential oils.

Myofascial Massage

$65 per Hour

Myofascial massage is a technique used to treat injuries and discomfort, reducing pain and increasing range of motion. Myofascial massage differs from other types of massage in that it targets the fascia - the membrane surrounding muscles - rather than the muscle itself. Since fascia completely encases every muscle in the body, imbalances in the fascia can have serious effects on your range of motion and comfort level. While other forms of massage can overlook the fascia, myofascial massage focuses specifically on releasing tension in this important membrane.

Soma Touch Therapy

$85 per Hour

Soma Touch Therapy is specifically designed to help individuals who are ready to make changes in their life physically, emotionally, & mentally. 

Soma Touch Therapy is a unique blend of bodywork that includes physical manipluation of tissue, energy work, and spiritual coaching.  The goal of Soma Touch Therapy is to release physical, and emotional memory from the body to facilitate healing.  This modality focuses on the client as a whole: Mind, Body, & Spirit. The practitioner addresses physical and structural imbalances, as well as, emotional or energetic imbalances.

imageJust as it can take time and coaching to lose weight, Soma Touch Therapy sessions also take time to unwind emotional and physical patterns.  Each person progresses at their own pace and multiple sessions are advised.  

Session packages are available

$65 for weekly session

$75 for bi-weekly session

$85 for Monthly session

$310 for 5 Sessions purchased in advance

Essential Oil Therapy

$Free per 30 minutes

imageDuring a consultation, we will explore your current state of health and identify wellness goals.  The consultation is designed to inform and empower you to take control of your own health.  It is my goal during this session not to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailments, but to educate and guide you to finding wellness utilizing essential oils! 

For more information on Doterra or to purchase oils, feel free to visit

Aroma Touch Technique

$45 per 40 Minutes

imageAroma Touch Technique is a clinical approach to essential oil application for healing and relaxation.  It uses a gentle hands on approach to relaxing the nervous system, detoxing the body, decreasing inflammation, and facillitating overall body balance.

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Aroma Touch Technique

Chakra Balancing

$55 per Hour

imageAccording to Tantric tradition, everyone has seven energy centers that serve as junction points between the body and consciousness, or between matter and the mind. These spinning vortices, called chakras in Sanskrit, receive, assimilate and express our vital life energy. When the flow of energy in one or more of the chakras becomes blocked, we may develop physical and mental illnesseses.

Chakra Balancing is performed by assessing the quality and health of the chakras and using hands on methods to unblock and/or balance the flow of energy of the chakras.

For those new to Chakra Balancing, mini sessions are available (1/2 hour) for $35


$55 per Hour


 Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that cleanses and balances the energy system in the body. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health. During a session, I work directly with your energy field to remove blockages, detoxify your system, and restore your vital life force energy. Reiki utilizes a gentle laying on of hands to conduct the necessary energy force between us. The benefits of Reiki range from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain.

For those new to Reiki, mini sessions are available at (1/2 hour) $35!

Wellness Party

$$ per Party

What is a Wellness Party?

 A Wellness Party is a fun, affordable way to pamper your mind, body, & soul all while enjoying the company of your friends and family.

 You and your guests can choose from a number of different types of therapies and services that support overall wellness.

 Therapies include:

  • Massage
  • Spa Treatments
  • Essential Oils
  • Hands On Healing Techniques
  • Spiritual Wellness Coaching Services


Earn FREE Massages, Spa Treatments, or other Services offered JUST BY HOSTING A PARTY! 

Live. Love. Learn.

Wellness Parties begin with 15-30 Minutes of an Educational Feature and then consist of wellness treatments chosen by your  guests.

The Wellness Practitioner may teach a variety of topics including:

Self Massage                        Stress Relief Techniques
D.I.Y. Spa Treatments         Intuition Development
Essential Oil Uses                And Many More!

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